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Our Story

Dede is  a new alternative to Dry-Shampoo!

Looking for a product that will leave your  hair & scalp clean and hydrated between wash days? Dede is now here! 

Combining chemistry and nature we developed a clean, non-toxic formula that removes sweat, breaks down surface grime and regulates the hairs natural moisture balance. To maintain optimal health of hair and scalp use daily.

In a world where time and sustainability are top of mind we created Dede for the active, eco-consious, textured hair consumer. 

Excellent for refreshing all hair textures, beards, braids, extensions and wigs.

We’re a non-toxic, cruelty free brand that’s focused on delivering the community with the finest, globally sourced ingredients. Dede is free of all gluten, we’re vegan and cruelty - free. Best of all we never EVER  use anything on the “Dirty List”

We’re excited to be apart of the new Clean Beauty community.