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Did you know that dry shampoo doesn't actually cleanse your hair?

Hair is an optimal breeding ground for viruses and bacteria. A person with longer hair is more susceptible to contracting the common cold, flu and even food poisoning. While most people rely on dry shampoo in between washing, what goes unrealized is that dry shampoo is only useful for those with finer texture hair. Beyond that, dry shampoo has zero germ killing benefits! At the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, Laura realized a large gap in the market for hair care products, as she was accustomed to working with clientele that would arrive on set straight from traveling with unwashed hair. Although there are skin sanitizers available, there are no  products focused on hair and beards that actually eliminate germs. In a world where health and cleanliness are top of mind, Laura was searching for a product that would provide her with peace of mind in terms of quality, efficacy and safety. 

Therefore, Dede was created.

Dede hair & beard purifying mist is the first of its kind to the market,  Dede is a revolutionary vegan product that makes hair and beards fresh and germ-free in minutes, like a hand sanitizer does to hands! Better yet, it’s completely safe to use from head to toe!