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Who is Dede good for?

Dede loves all textures and genders. This formula is ultra moisturizing and fits best with thirsty hair/skin. Don’t shy away fine-haired people. Pair Dede with your favorite product for the ultimate in cleanliness and volume.

When would I use Dede?

Any time of the day! Traveling, from office to happy hour, diaper bag to gym bag, Dede fits wherever you go. Dede can be used on wet or dry hair — spray it all over your body, under your arms and as a face mist too. Don’t forget your hands! This refresher is truly amazing!

Is Dede safe?

Absolutely! Dede is safe for you and the planet. Dede is a cruelty-free vegan product that comes in recyclable packaging. Dede is non-toxic and free of all sulfates, silicones, parabens, gluten, phthalate, essential oils, dyes, and drying alcohols.